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Omotade BadmoS, GBA '08

Omotade Badmos is a 2008 alumna of Fordham's Graduate School of Business Administration.

Like the business professional she aspired to become, Omotade ("Tade") Badmos set about selecting a graduate school carefully and deliberately. She found at Fordham the individual attention and sense of community she sought from a university in a large metropolitan area.

From her home in Nigeria, Badmos began research on graduate schools of business four years before enrolling at Fordham in 2006. "Of all the graduate business programs I investigated, Fordham took the most interest in me as a student and a person," she says. "The admission officer at the Graduate School of Business Administration wanted to know my story, what I was seeking and why I was considering Fordham."

After enrolling, she found the small class sizes she hoped for. "In each of my classes, we had no more than 40 students," Badmos says. "The professors had time to take more interest in students and to help them than what I saw at other graduate business programs."

She also found a sense of community. "The school gets you involved with other students," she says. "Much of our work was done in teams. We really got to know each other."  She found community as well by joining the Fordham Women in Business club and the Fordham Black and Hispanic MBA Association. 

Badmos says that Fordham has helped her toward her career at every step along the way. The Hitachi Scholarship she earned in her second year of study, in recognition of her academic performance and leadership, eased her financial burden. Internships at Thomson Financial and an alternative energy company helped prepare her for her chosen career in financial services. GBA alumni helped her prepare for job interviews.

In spring 2008, Badmos graduated from Fordham with an M.B.A. and had a job offer in hand from Deloitte & Touche. "This was my ambition: to work in a financial center like New York City for a global company," she says. "I was right to choose Fordham."



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