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The Lind Sisters, FCLC ’05

Sisters Heather Lind (right) and Christina Bennett Lind are 2005 alumnae of Fordham College at Lincoln Center.

“How have you made division of yourself?” says Antonio, a character in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. “An apple cleft in two is not more twin than these two creatures.”

That would be Heather Lind and Christina Bennett Lind who played twin siblings Sebastian and Viola in their eighth-grade production of the Shakespeare comedy.

No jest, though. Heather and Christina Lind are twin sisters, and in 2010, they earned big roles on stage and TV, respectively. Heather took on the roles of Perdita in The Winter’s Tale and Jessica in The Merchant of Venice in the Public Theater’s Shakespeare in the Park. And Christina landed the role of Bianca Montgomery on ABC’s long-running daytime drama All My Children.

Heather earned her roles last spring, while completing her M.F.A. in acting at NYU, and began three months of intense rehearsals for the plays, which ran in repertory in June and July at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park.

“You start to think in iambic pentameter,” says Heather, who performed opposite Al Pacino in The Merchant of Venice. “But I feel lucky to be consumed by it; you don't get a chance to do Shakespeare that often, and to work here [at the Delacorte] has always been a huge dream.”

In Los Angeles, Christina made another kind of debut, as the daughter of Erica Kane, the character played by daytime legend Susan Lucci, MC ’68. New to L.A. and the realm of soap operas—“a whole alien universe of beautiful people,”—Christina says she’s experiencing some of the fan frenzy that follows, mostly “tweets with bits of encouragement” or free advice, like “‘you should be meaner to David,’” a character on All My Children.

Raised in Guilderland, N.Y., the twins embraced the arts from early on. Their father is a painter and an educator at a museum and their mother is a ballet and nursery school teacher. For nearly 15 years they danced and acted in school plays. Heather knew from a very young age she wanted to be an actor, while Christina didn’t fully realize she had the same aspirations until the sisters performed together in Twelfth Night.

“There was never any fallback plan,” Christina says.

Both sisters dreamed of being in New York City and together chose to enroll in Fordham College at Lincoln Center, where they majored in theatre performance and studied abroad—Christina in Orvieto, Italy, and Heather at the London Dramatic Academy.

“I was really happy about Fordham,” Heather says. “I got the best training I could at Fordham.”

After graduating, they worked together at Manhattan's HERE Arts Center in The Desert, a play written and directed by Matthew Maguire, director of the theatre program at Fordham. They also performed together in Metamorphoses at the Capital Repertory Theatre in Albany, a theater they frequented as children.

The two tight-knit sisters have also branched out. Christina is a founding member of One Year Lease, a New York City-based theater company with a summer residency in northern Greece. Her film work includes the short films Elle and Guy and Grown, which she co-wrote and directed—“homegrown, passion projects,” she says. Heather, on the other hand, has appeared on Guiding Light and Law and Order, and chose to attend graduate school.

“With twins, it was always sort of like watching the other path I could have taken," said Christina. “The ‘sliding doors’ idea.”

But the Linds have an amiable case of sibling rivalry.

“There’s always a sense of competition and mutual respect,” Heather says. “It’s been easier to cheer each other on, when each person is having their own successes. We’re very lucky.”


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