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Theresa Dean, GSB '08

Theresa Dean is a 2008 alumna of Fordham's Gabelli School of Business.

After four years at Fordham, Theresa Dean learned to live by the principles that have guided Jesuit education for more than four centuries.

Looking back, she sees those principles at work in her undergraduate education. The challenging curriculum ranged from the philosophies of Aristotle, Kant and Mill to the study of finance, accounting and corporate law. She served as a resident assistant at O'Hare Hall, served as vice president of the Gabelli School of Business senior class and served in United Student Government, among other activities.

And, in between classes, she left campus to serve food to the hungry at Part Of The Solution, or P.O.T.S., a local soup kitchen, for a few hours each week.

If she could sum up her college career in one word, it would be magis, Latin for "more," which sums up the Jesuit principle of continuous striving for excellence.

"The Jesuit traditions that I have embraced at Fordham have shown me what it means to do more for others," she says.

She also gratefully recognizes Fordham's emphasis of another Jesuit principle—cura personalis, or deep respect for the potential of every individual.

"Somewhere in between my academic work in the classrooms of Rose Hill and my volunteer work in the neighborhoods of the Bronx, this principle has shaped me into a better, more rounded individual," said Dean, a native of Conway, N.H. "While serving food to the hungry for a few hours each week, I am, in turn, served a plate of humble pie and a glass of reflection with a few street smarts on the side."

Those were some of her remarks at the Scholarship Donors and Recipients Reception in April 2008, where she gave thanks for the generosity that allowed her to attend Fordham in the first place.

"The benefit of a scholarship extends beyond the recipient; it inspires other to strive for their goals," said Dean, recipient of the Robert E. Campbell Endowed Scholarship. "I can confidently say that this scholarship has changed my life for the better, and has solidified my desire to follow in the altruistic, philanthropic footsteps of my donors."

Scholarships have multiple benefits, she said.

"Receiving a scholarship brings pride to each student because it offers acceptance, support and encouragement to succeed," she said. "Your scholarships allow students to benefit from the Fordham tradition and experience a superb, ethically informed and cosmopolitan education."



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