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An approved three part Print Requisition form must accompany any request for services from the Fordham Duplicating Center, hereafter referred to as FDC. This job must immediately be time stamped by FDC to guarantee the arrival time of the request and it remains with the job until completion.
All submitted Print Requisitions must have a valid budget line, a date required (NOT “ASAP”), and complete delivery information including special instructions.

White copy is given an internal tracking number, and logged into the FDC computer logbook. It will be initialed, combined with a sample of the job, and dated by an FDC operator upon completion. To ensure quality control, an FDC Supervisor inspects the completed work for accuracy.

Assistant Manager reviews all incoming jobs and prioritizes.

The Director of University Procurement is informed of the number of total in-house duplicating jobs. The Duplicating Center Manager keeps Director informed on all duplicating issues and volumes. Upon Completion of the job, the Fordham Facilities personnel deliver jobs to clients daily. The client recipient must sign for the job. A signed receipt is returned to FDC as proof of delivery. Proof is filed for three months, after which time it is discarded.

Fordham Facilities personnel and our own delivery van ship our jobs to Lincoln Center, Tarrytown and Marymount College. FDC tags these jobs with a receipt for proof of delivery and file purposes.

The FDC price list is updated regularly and includes industry standard pricing. It is based on Educational Market Prices. A copy of the current price list is available at the FDC (Fordham Duplicating Center).

All in-house jobs are priced according to current paper prices an predetermined production costs.

All price changes must be approved by Director of University Procurement.

Monthly volume reports are submitted to Controller’s Office and jobs are charged to respective departments. The Interdepartmental Charge number, (IX) is assigned by the financial system for each charge and appears on the monthly reports sent to the respective departments.

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