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FDC Campus Mailings

Our role in campus mail is a complicated topic. It should be noted that the Duplicating Center DOES NOT tend the campus mail system. That is, we are not responsible for its collection at any drop box, sorting in the campus Post Office, or subsequent dissemination to your mail boxes.

With that being said, our department does play a role in campus mailings and you need to understand it. We DO address memos, postcards, and magazines that departments would like to send to the university community.

The most common scenario involves memos and flyers being printed by FDC. They must be folded (or placed in envelopes if there is more than one double sided page) on a folding machine and then labelled. After these two steps, they are sorted by department and sent sent to the campus post offices for distribution to university personnel.

In situations where materials have already been printed and provided to us, we just address and sort. Sometimes, materials produced off campus are sent to us for distribution without our prior knowledge and this poses problems that can easily be overcome with some communication. If you anticipate needing to distribute a magazine or pamphlet in this way, please don’t hesitate to call us and let us know in advance of your need. Such diligence means we won’t turn away your material as it arrives.

Though we print campus mailings, remember, the staffs of the Post Offices actually break them down after we deliver it to them. During peak times (Thanksgiving and Commencement) many memos find their way to and through our doors. Delays can result at FDC or the Post Offices just from sheer abundance of material. Keeping that in mind, you should plan ahead and leave plenty of lead time so your message is delivered to meet your deadline.

The actual content of the labels we print, is also outside our control. The campus addresses come from your payroll records. All changes to this list are the domain of Human Resources. They are the keepers of the sacred listing and any changes of address should be brought to their attention (fax them at x4929).

Please note that campus mailing service is only available through FDC at Rose Hill. Members of the community at Lincoln Center, Calder Center, or Fordham Westchester communities who would like to send a campus wide memo, please contact Seth Knight (x4918) and he can get you started.

Are you sending a campus mailing? He can get you started here.

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