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Duplicating Center Overview

Fordham Duplicating Center Overview

Speaking to FDC Representatives

Fordham Duplicating Center representatives are available for phone or onsite customer consultation. They can discuss job specifications, make suggestions for improving the product design or construction, help determine a realistic delivery date, assist the customer in lowering printing costs and give quotes.

The Fordham Duplicating Center's price list provides for accurate estimates on most orders when FDC is given accurate specifications. Estimates may no longer be valid if the order specifications change, or if the order is submitted well past the original estimate date. If you do not want final costs to exceed the estimates, check with Fordham Duplicating Center managers before making any changes to your order. All our prices are designed to be competitive with commercial outlets (such as Staples, FedEx/Kinkos etc.) and are generally lower than external vendors. If external vendors can offer you materials at rates below ours, please bring proof of such intent to FDC and we will try to facilitate the request at the lower rate.

The Duplicating Process

Every request for printing from FDC begins with an approved Print Requisition Form . It must accompany any request for services from the Fordham Duplicating Center.

This Requisition is immediately time stamped by FDC personnel to verify the arrival time of the request at our facility.

All submitted Print Requisitions must have:

  • A valid university budget line. All segments of this budget line (Fund / Area / Org / Object) must be included on the form. Your department secretary should have a copy of this internal charge number.
  • A date required. "ASAP" is not a valid date, as jobs are processed based on stated customer needs. Jobs with dates take precedence and will be printed before any “ASAP” material.
  • Valid delivery information. Unless marked "Call for Pickup", all jobs must have a delivery location to help our personnel get your material to you.

For information on the Print Requisition Form and the proper uses of its information please click here.

The Requisition's White copy is given an internal tracking number, and logged into the FDC computer logbook. This number (upper right-hand and lower left-hand corners) is your reference point should you need to contact FDC regarding your job. Please save these receipts, as they make billing questions and reprints much easier to service.

Upon completion of the job it is initialed by the operator who ran it and the supervisor who checked it for quality assurance purposes. During the month, the white copies stay stacked at the FDC computer desk for easy reference for customer questions and/or reprints. After they are billed back in a monthly report, and lastly, they filed in the FDC archive cabinet and stored for 4 years.

Upon completion of the job, the canary and pink copies are affixed to the top of the packaged materials and set on the delivery shelf directly outside the FDC door. Fordham Facilities personnel and/or the FDC deliveryman deliver jobs to the intended recipient.

The recipient signs the canary copy and it is returned to FDC as proof of delivery. Said proof is filed for three months, after which time it is discarded. If you are not sure of your jobs whereabouts, please contact your departmental secretary as they often sign for faculty jobs and know where they are. If you are unsure beyond that action, feel free to call the FDC location you submitted the job to and they can retrieve the signature off the canary copy.

The pink is the department copy and should be kept for your records.
Delivery of your job is accomplished with the aid of the FDC delivery van or Fordham Facilities personnel throughout the Rose Hill, Lincoln Center, Marymount College, and Tarrytown campuses.
A current Price List is updated regularly and includes industry standard prices and is based on Educational Market Prices.  A hardcopy Price List is available at Fordham Duplicating Center outlets and a PDF Price List is provided online for your convenience.

Monthly volume reports are submitted to Controller’s Office and jobs are charged to respective departments. The Interdepartmental Charge number (IX), is assigned by the financial system for each charge and appears on the monthly reports sent to the respective department.

Please keep your receipts from FDC to aid in answering any billing questions. The IX numbers assigned to your expenses by the Controller's Office do not correspond to our internal job numbers, so the receipts are very helpful in narrowing billing questions to the point of manageability.

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