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FDC Mail Services

  • The Mail Services Area is located in the Fordham Duplicating Center at Faculty Memorial Hall on the Rose Hill Campus in Room 129. They provide outgoing, metered  departmental mailing only.
  • All classes of outgoing mail are metered and sent out daily provided the mail is in FDC by 2 p.m.
  • Any department wishing to send mail off campus may do so provided they fill out the Mail Service Requisition form with a valid budget number included.
  • Envelopes should be stuffed so that they are as flat as possible and the contents are below the flap fold.

The Mail Services Area is part of the Duplicating Center and offers the following Services to the community:
  • Metered Mail Services, including monthly reports to controllers office used to charge back the Fordham departments
  • Maintaining the University “Non Profit” Permit Numbers
  • Nonprofit Mail Services
  • Stamps - Departments should submit a Stamp Requisition Form indicating quantity and denominations

Departments should keep Central Mail informed of budget number changes in writing.

Keep addresses on #10 letter size envelopes on lower right to conform with postal regulations (please avoid handwriting).  All mail should have a Fordham University return address. If mail is stamped and/or prepaid, it should be kept separate from unstamped mail.

Fordham University has a Permit (#7608) which can be used for both First Class and Nonprofit.  See “Requirements for First Class Mail and Nonprofit” when Permit #7608 is used.  Mail can be processed without the use of this permit.

Departments should notify the Mail Services Area on the best method of sending mail.  Properly marking mail with “First Class”, Book Rate”,  “Priority”, “Parcel Post”, “Foreign (Air/Surface)” or “Nonprofit” designation helps Mail Services personnel process mail correctly.

Foreign Mail should be separated from regular mail, (postage rate requirements are different).

Campus mail should NOT be sent to the Mail Room for processing.

Send campus mail to the McGinley Center Post Office. Please note that the Facilities Operations Post Office located in the McGinley Basement  is an official Contract Station of the United States Post Office. For further information regarding the Rose Hill Campus Post Office at McGinley Center, please contact Facilities Operations at Rose Hill.

For clarification of any Postal Standards contact the Fordham Post Office directly at

For concerns or questions regarding Lincoln Center Mail Services, contact Lincoln Center Custodial Services at

Requirements for First Class Mail  (Permit only, #7608):

(a)  Minimum of 200 pieces or 50lbs.

(b) Mail must be identical in weight and size, and contents of the mailing must be equal.  This also applies to Post Cards.
Post Card Size:  Minimum - 3.5” x 5” Maximum - 4.25” x 6” (Anything larger than 4.25” x 6” is considered Letter Size.)

Planning of large mailing should be discussed with Mail Personnel to maximize discounts (use the bulk mail permit whenever possible). Letters should face one way and flaps should be in down position (see the FAQ example) on all letters and banded together to maximize security and avoid loss and damage to pieces.

Requirements for "Bulk" (Nonprofit, Permit #7608) mail:

(a)  Minimum of 200 pieces of 50 lbs.

(b)  Mail must be in “Zip code Order”

(c)  Mail must be identical in weight and size, and contents of the mail must be equal.

(d)  Post Cards can be processed this way as well, but the message must be the same.

Permit #7608 for both first class and bulk mail (nonprofit) should be printed in the upper right hand corner of the envelope (where you normally affix stamps!)

All mail must have a return address The Post Office will not process Bulk Mail without Fordham University return address.

The processing of Bulk Mailings can realize substantial savings for departments.

Using Bulk Rates (Nonprofit) of the basic rate of .169 cents can save departments over 50% of postage cost, (Note:  Rates are subject to changes determined by the Postal Rate Commission).

Additional savings may be realized and are dependent on the size of the mailing, the larger the mailing….(more pieces), the larger the savings.
Always think ahead when using our facilitites. Please allow sufficient time to process mail, especially during peak periods. 

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