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Mission Statement

Our goal is to serve the Fordham University community by providing an efficient, speedy, and cost sensitive alternative to retail copying establishments.

We pride ourselves on being cost competitive with the "outside world" and capable of meeting our customer needs, while being flexible and imaginative in producing a variety of printed products. At the same time, we maintain the same high quality standards in our product, procedure, and personnel.

The name "Duplicating Center" is really a very restrictive misnomer. As the multitasked extension of the Office of Procurement, we do far more than just produce University course materials and printed matter. Our staff also produces and administrates all the Identification Cards for staff and students. At the Rose Hill campus we handle outgoing First Class mail and provide the forms that help our users get about the business of "doing business."

We are not a "Center." We have 3 distinct bustling locations that toil daily to meet your demands. We realize that the University's needs are not uniform and campus life can be very different from one end of the Fordham family to the other. As such, each arm of the Duplicating Center takes on the personality of its location.

Please join us in exploring the options we have set out for you. Such examination has as much to do with satisfying our users today as it does with looking for new ways to accomodate them in the future. Examine the services we provide. Examine the face of a University geared for the 21st century.

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