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“To create a competitive atmosphere where everyone knows what to expect and can plan accordingly.”

The Purchasing Department has been given the responsibility to function as the University’s representative with vendors, to ensure that User Department needs are accommodated with quality goods and services in a prompt, cost-efficient manner and to commit the University to binding contracts within the guidelines of University Policy. This responsibility includes the selection of vendors, negotiation of price and assurance of quality and prompt delivery to the University.

Purchasing is also responsible for the development of standards, specifications, materials and systems in conjunction with the User Departments. It is responsible for advising User Departments on the availability and value of materials and services in the marketplace.

The University’s Purchasing Department is obligated by Federal regulations to maintain a formal procurement system. Its purchasing files are subject to audit by Federal agencies and must include proper documentation (i.e. purchase orders, contract negotiations, bid awards, sole source justifications, etc.)

The objective of the Purchasing Department, therefore, is to achieve the best possible balance between minimizing the cost of University’s expenditures for goods and services while ensuring reasonable response and flexibility to the needs of User Departments.

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