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Travel Policy

The following web pages, as outlined in the Travel Reimbursements Table of Contents, describe the policies and procedures for official travel on behalf of Fordham University and for incurring expenses to be reimbursed by the University.

For purposes of these web pages, out of town travel is travel that requires the use of aircraft and/or railroads, or the use of an automobile where the traveler is required to stay overnight at a location other then his or her home.  All other travel is local travel.

Requests for exceptions to the policies and procedures established herein and setting forth the reasons for the request, must be approved in advance by calling Robert Steves at 4945.

Questions containing the Travel and Reimbursement Policy and Procedures may be addressed to Robert Steves, Director of Treasury Operations at 4945.  Questions concerning the Travel and Expense Check Request should be addressed to Nelly Alicea, Accounts Payable Manager at 4957.

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