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Supervisor oversight is an essential element in maintaining a cost effective and efficient travel program that conforms to IRS regulations. The University has enhanced program efficiency by authorizing on-line travel arrangements and through the issuance of corporate credit cards to frequent travelers. Therefore, it is essential that all Travel and Expense Check Requests, Travel Authorization Forms and Check Requests related to the payment of corporate credit card accounts   be reviewed and approved by the supervisor of the traveler. Supervisor approval is required for all travel or entertainment expenditures in excess of $100.

To facilitate timely processing of travel related forms, a vice president (or higher)  may provide for the designation of a responsible individual as an alternative approver. In which case such designation should be in writing and filed with the Office of Treasury Operations and the Accounts Payable Unit. The supervisor remains responsible for reviewing all travel expenditures and maintaining control of his/her office’s travel program. In no event may a traveler approve his/her own forms.

All travel forms must also be signed by the appropriate budget manager.

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