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Travel and Reimbursement Policy And Procedures

This document describes the policies and procedures for official travel on behalf of Fordham University and for incurring expenses to be reimbursed by the University. These policies and procedures are designed to ensure that University funds are used efficiently and to meet the IRS guidelines for reimbursing employees for certain business expenses. Appropriate documentation and timely submittal of travel reports are essential elements of compliance with these policies.

For purposes of this document, out of town travel is travel that requires the traveler to stay overnight at a location other than his or her home or that involves airline or inter-city rail travel. All other travel is local travel.

Requests for exception to the policies and procedures established herein, setting forth the reasons for the request, must be approved in advance by the Office of Treasury Operations. The traveler and his or her supervisor are responsible for ensuring compliance with the University’s Travel Policy. The traveler should make certain that travel services are obtained at the lowest reasonable price.

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