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When traveling locally on University business from home to a location other than the normally assigned place of work, those transportation expenses that exceed employee’s usual commutation cost will be reimbursed.  Meals and incidental expenses are not reimbursable when traveling locally, nor is there any Per Diem reimbursement when traveling locally. However certain business meals and entertainment expenses as described in Section V may be allowed.

a. Inter-campus Travel
* Rose Hill and Lincoln Center – Travel modes available are the Ram Van, subway, Metro-North Railroad and personal automobile. The Ram Van is recommended as the most convenient and cost efficient way to travel. Individuals traveling to the Lincoln Center campus by personal automobile should use the Regent Garage on 61st street off of Columbus Avenue where reduced rate parking is available.  The parking ticket must be validated at the guard desk in the main lobby of the Lowenstein building prior to paying.  Reimbursement is available for official inter-campus travel.
* Rose Hill and Westchester Campus or Calder Center- automobile is the suggested mode of transportation.
* Lincoln Center and Westchester Campus- automobile is the suggested mode of transportation.
* Lincoln Center and Calder Center- automobile is the suggested mode of transportation.

b. Personal Automobile Use
* When traveling short distance where air, bus or rail transportation is not practical, or to reduce the cost of several University employees traveling to the same destination, a personal automobile may be used for University business.  Use will be reimbursed as described below in Section IV.

If damage occurs to a personal automobile while traveling on University business, the amount of the employee’s insurance deductible up to $500.00 will be reimbursed and charged to the specific department provided an accident report has been furnished to the Office of Treasury Operations.

c. Rental Automobiles and Car Service
The following applies to vehicles rented for University business only.

Automobile rentals should be limited to situations where other means of transportation are not practical, economical or available. To reduce travel costs, the class of car to be rented should be appropriate for the number of people traveling, the length of the trip and any University material being transported. Arrangements for group or team rental or rentals involving direct billing should be made directly through the Office of Procurement.

The University has entered into agreements with National Car Rental and Enterprise Rent-A-Car for discount rates on business travel. Rentals arrangements may be made through the Office of Procurement or directly either by phone (National – 800-328-1234, Enterprise 800-261-7331) or on-line. Reservations for either company require the University’s corporate discount code –XZ24D09. Reservations for Enterprise may also require the pin code –FOR.

Rentals from National and Enterprise do not require any additional insurance coverage. For all other rentals, Fordham University’s insurance provides liability coverage for automobiles rented for business purposes only; therefore, no additional liability insurance should be procured. Because the University’s collision damage insurance has a $1000 deductible employees are encouraged to use credit cards which provide collision damage coverage or to procure the additional insurance. In the event such coverage is not provided, the departmental travel budget will be charged the amount of any deducible.

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