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Travel Reservations

Designated Travel Services Agency

Omega World Travel is the University’s designated travel service agency.  Travel arrangements may be made through Omega using the local phone number (212) 563-0949, or the toll-free number (800)-545-1003. Travelers should identify themselves as a Fordham University employee or student when making reservations. Transportation services (rail and air) obtained through Omega are billed directly to the University and charged to the Banner expenditure codes provided by the traveler. The process for obtaining travel services through Omega is detailed below. Omega can make hotel reservations, but a personal or corporate credit card is required to confirm the reservation.

Alternative Travel Services

The University recognizes that from time to time competitive fares are available from various on-line services. Travelers may use these services if the cost of the travel arrangements will be lower than that available from Omega. This option places greater responsibility on the traveler and the supervisor to ensure that the travel arrangements fully comply with the University’s Travel Policy. Alternative travel services should not be used to avoid any approvals required by this policy.

The University encourages all efforts to obtain the lowest possible fares and recognizes that may require a traveler to pay for tickets well in advance of the actual trip, Therefore, the University  provides for reimbursement prior to the completion of travel for all airline tickets for authorized travel purchased 15 or more days prior to the date of departure.

To be reimbursed in advance for an airline ticket, the traveler must submit proof of payment and a copy of the ticket or formal itinerary with a completed Travel Authorization Form.  All requirements for approval by the traveler’s dean, department head or vice president are applicable to advance payments. 

If a traveler is reimbursed in advance and subsequently receives a credit for an adjustment in price or as the result of a cancellation, the traveler must immediately reimburse the University in the amount of such credit. Failure to do so will, at a minimum, preclude the traveler from obtaining future advance reimbursement.

Travel Authorization –Omega Travel

The traveler must present a Travel Authorization Form to Omega, approved by the appropriate authority, as described in Section X, to make travel arrangements. This form contains the following information:
* Name of traveler
* Title
* Date
* Department
* Campus address and telephone extension number
* Purpose of trip (the purpose of trip should be identified with enough particularity to establish its relationship to the University’s business.)
* Appropriate Banner codes (Fund, Organization, Account and Program ) to which expenses are to be charged
* Destination and dates of trip.

In addition to the information entered on the Travel Authorization Form, the traveler should make Omega aware of such items as preferred airports and times of departure and arrival, seating preference and special meal requirements. Omega charges all air and rail transportation and automobile rental expenses directly to the approved budget line.

Upon receipt of a completed Travel Authorization Form, Omega will confirm all reservations to include, when possible, a seat assignment.

The Travel Authorization Form can be obtained by clicking here. Download and save form before completing it. Follow instructions on the form.
Travel Services Guidelines

Irrespective of the method of obtaining travel services, the traveler should be guided by the following:

1) Air or  Rail Arrangements

Airfare: Lowest logical coach fare for travel up to six hours considering the following:
* Traveler’s preferred airport
* Traveler’s preferred times of departure and arrival
* Traveler’s itinerary and connection times
* Restrictions and/or cancellation-change fees
For travel over six hours, employees are authorized to use the next higher class available on the airline being flown. Employees are urged to reserve as far in advance as possible in order to take advantage of any discounts available.

Rail: Lowest logical fare.

2) Lodging
Reservations are for a standard single room accommodation in a convenient commercial class hotel or motel, subject to the provision of 4) below concerning conferences. Omega will assist the traveler in identifying the lowest cost lodging option and place reservations. A personal or corporate credit card is required to confirm the reservations.

3) Automobile Rental

The following applies to vehicles rented for University business only.

Automobile rentals should be limited to situations where other means of transportation are not practical, economical or available. To reduce travel costs, the class of car to be rented should be appropriate for the number of people traveling, the length of the trip and any University material being transported. Arrangements for group or team rental or rentals involving direct billing should be made directly through the Office of Procurement.

The University has entered into agreements with National Car Rental and Enterprise Rent-A-Car for discount rates on business travel. Rentals arrangements may be made through the Office of Procurement or directly either by phone (National – 800-328-1234, Enterprise 800-261-7331) or on-line. Reservations for either company require the University’s corporate discount code –XZ24D09. Reservations for Enterprise may also require the pin code –FOR.
Rentals from National and Enterprise do not require any additional insurance coverage. For all other rentals, Fordham University’s insurance provides liability coverage for automobiles rented for business purposes only; therefore, no additional liability insurance should be procured. Because the University’s collision damage insurance has a $1,000 deductible employees are encouraged to use credit cards which provide collision damage coverage or to procure the additional insurance. In the event such coverage is not provided, the departmental travel budget will be charged the amount of any deducible.

4) Conferences
An employee attending a meeting, convention or conference being held in a resort or premium hotel may stay in that facility. Often, organizers of conferences will announce discounted fares for transportation and lodging. These discounts should be made known to Omega at the time arrangements are being made.

a. Transportation to and From Terminals
The most economical mode of transportation should be used when traveling to and from terminals. These expenses (including reasonable gratuities) are reimbursable. Modes of transportation to be considered, in ascending order of cost, are as follows:
* Mass transportation (e.g. bus, subway)
* Public transportation (e.g. hotel shuttle bus, scheduled airport limousine service or taxi)
* Car services (The University’s Procurement Office should be contacted concerning use of the service.)
* Personal automobile
* Automobile rental.

b. Meals and Incidental Expenses
Per Diem is a fixed daily amount payable in lieu of actual expenses for meals and incidental expenses. A Per Diem is used to reimburse employees for such expenses incurred when traveling overnight on University business. Per Diem is applicable for both domestic and foreign travel.

The Per Diem rate depends upon the city being visited. The domestic rates are the Federal Mealand Incidental Expense ratesestablished by the General Services Administration (GSA). For travel outside of the United States the rate is based on the Department of State’s Travel Per Diem Allowance for Foreign Areas. Both domestic and foreign rates are available on the internet at the following sites:

Click Per Diem in upper left corner. Foreign rates may be accessed using link on that page.

Per Diem is for a full 24 hour day. For days of departure and return, the per diem rate will be prorated at ¾ of the full rate in the departing city. In the case of travel between two cities on the same day, other than returning home, the rate used will be for the city in which the employee spends the night.

Incidental expenses include, but are not limited to, the following items:
* Fees and tips for persons who provide services such as food servers and luggage handlers
* Laundry, dry cleaning and pressing clothes
* Personal telephone calls and in-room entertainment
* Cost of transportation between lodging or business and where meals are taken

Important Note

If you attend a conference where you are furnished meals, your Per Diem for that day should be reduced by the following percentages related to each meal provided:

Breakfast – 15%
Lunch – 29%
Dinner – 43%.
(percentages do not add to 100% because other costs are included in Per Diem rates.)

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