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The Fordham University Benefits Office is dedicated to assisting all employees in accessing, understanding, and ultimately maximizing the value of the University's benefits programs.  We hope this homepage becomes a resourceful tool in getting information and forms for all employees and their families. Should you have questions about any of your benefits, you are always welcome to contact any member of the benefits team for assistance.
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In 2014 you may contribute up to $17,500 in pretax or combined pre-tax and post-tax voluntary savings to your TAX-DEFERRED ANNUITY (TDA) PLAN.  If you are age 50 or more by the end of 2014, you may contribute up to an additional $5,500 to your TDA Plan provided you make an election of an allowable catch-up amount.

You can find your current 403b TDA election by accessing your HR self-service at  To make a change in your contribution to the TDA, complete the Salary Reduction Agreement "SRA", below, and also available on the Employee Tab of  If you wish to continue your current deductions, you do not need to submit a new SRA.

If you wish to change your contribution to the TDA Plan, you will need to elect either a flat dollar amount or percentage on a per pay period basis.  You will need to enter an amount of the SRA located below for your convenience.  Enter your pre-tax deductions in Section 1 of the TDA Plan SRA.  You can enter your post-tax Roth deductions in Section 2 of the TDA Plan SRA.  If you are eligible for catch-up contributions enter your election in Section 3 of the TDA Plan SRA.

When completing the SRA, you need to elect either a whole percentage or dollar amount to be deducted from your paycheck.  If the amount selected is greater than your bi-weekly check amount, the form will not be processed.  You cannot elect "Maximum" or put an annual amount as your election.  An election of 100% is also not a valid election, as you must first consider all other required deductions from your paycheck.

Forms can be sent to Faculty Memorial Hall - Room 506, Rose Hill Campus or faxed to 718-817-4929.  Changes are made effective the next available payroll. If you to have the deduction effective in January 2014, please note it on the SRA form.

The Benefit Statement for 2013 is now available at Click on the highlighted portions after you have gained access to the Employee tab:

My Information

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Choose    Benefits and Deductions

Choose    Employee Annual Compensation Statement

This statement shows you the benefit costs that you paid and that Fordham has paid on your behalf during the calendar year 2013.

Great care has been taken to ensure that this information is correct. If the information is incorrect you should contact a representative of Benefits or HRIS in the Human Resources department to address any concerns you may have about the accuracy of the value of your benefit programs that Fordham provides to you.

If you want information regarding your 2014 benefits you may go to to view your current benefits elections and the deductions made to your paychecks for retirement, medical insurance, life insurance, disability insurance or your flexible spending account elections for 2014. 

If you need more information about contributions to the Fordham University Retirement Plan or the Fordham University Tax-Deferred Annuity (TDA) Plan and the investment performance of those contributions please contact the provider whom you have elected to make investments on your behalf.  The contact information for the carriers is listed below:



Web Site




Fidelity Investments


Prudential Investments*


*As of January 1, 2014 your payroll deductions can no longer be contributed to Prudential Investments.


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