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Open Enrollment for 2015 Benefits

Open enrollment for faculty and administrators begins October 15 and ends November 7, 2014.

Open enrollment for clerical employees of Local 153 begins November 10 and ends November 21, 2014.

Enrollment Guides

For complete descriptions of your benefit options as well as an explanation of how to make your 2015 choices during open enrollment, please see the appropriate 2015 Benefits Enrollment Guide:
For costs, please see the appropriate rate sheet:

About the Options

The new program meets the requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) while continuing to offer faculty, administrators, and staff a choice of competitive, affordable health, dental, and vision benefits. It reflects much research and input from the Faculty Senate, the Administrators Conference, the Senate’s Salary and Benefits Committee, and a special ad hoc Committee on Health Insurance.

The changes offer coverage that is the same or better than our current program. Please choose Faculty and Administrators or Clerical Employees of Local 153 to learn more.

Automatic Benefits

In addition, the University will provide additional, enhanced benefits to further help you and your family obtain or stay in good health. You do not need to enroll for these automatic programs.  They include:
For More Information
  • Review the frequently asked questions.
  • Email with any additional questions. We will respond directly to your question and may include it in the next update to the FAQs.
  • Call the Benefits Office at 718-817-4932.

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