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About Fordham Identification Number (FIDN)

About Fordham Identification Number (FIDN)

Identity theft has become a serious problem throughout the nation facilitated by the widespread use of Social Security Numbers as a primary basis for identification.  On October 24, 2005, Fordham University introduced a Fordham Identification Number that limits the use of Social Security Numbers to those circumstances where use is explicitly required by law.  Rather than using your Social Security Number as your employee ID number, you will be using your new Fordham Identification Number (FIDN).

The FIDN is one digit shorter than the Social Security Number and is totally unrelated to it.  The use of the FIDN reduces the risk of others gaining access to your personal information.  The FIDN is the number you use for accessing any employee information.  Your FIDN can be found on the Employee tab of the University Portal, by clicking on the plus sign of the FIDN Lookup channel.

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