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Chapter 1:
The University Faculty
Chapter 2:
Ranks of Instructional Staff
Chapter 3:
Responsibility of Faculty
Chapter 4:
Academic Freedom
Chapter 5:
Faculty Personnel Policies and Procedures
Chapter 6:
Faculty Role in University Governance
Chapter 7:
Academic Due Process
Chapter 8:
Faculty Salary and Benefits
Chapter 9:
Faculty of the Department of Military Science
Chapter 10:
Chapter 11:
Clinical Staff


§4-03.01 - Responsibilities
§4-03.02 - Teaching Load
§4-03.03 - Outside Employment
§4-03.04 - Additional Teaching in the University

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§4-03.01 - Responsibilities

(a) Appointment as a faculty member is a contract for full-time engagement in faculty responsibilities during the academic year. Responsibilities of the faculty include:

                (1)   Satisfactory fulfillment of teaching duties in assigned courses or their equivalents;
                (2)   Observance of academic regulations concerning the holding of classes, examinations, grades, etc.;
                (3)   The preparation, proctoring and grading of student examinations;
                (4)   The direction, reading and evaluation of student papers, reports, theses and dissertations where
                        such has been the practice in the School, Division or Department;
                (5)   Academic counseling and guidance of students (a faculty member is expected to maintain scheduled
                        office hours as required and be familiar with academic regulations and the curriculum of the School);
                (6)   Involvement in significant scholarly research;
                (7)   Scholarly publication;
                (8)   Participation in learned societies and professional organizations;
                (9)   Participation in University, School, Division and Department meetings, convocations and commencements;
                (10) Service on committees [see § 4-06];
                (11) Cooperation in the observance of University regulations.

(b) The responsibilities of members of the instructional staff who are not members of the University Faculty include such portions of the responsibilities enumerated in subdivision (a) as are appropriate to their assigned duties, and as may have been agreed upon with the University.

§4-03.02 - Teaching Load

(a) The maximum teaching load for full-time faculty members shall not exceed in any year an average of three courses or sections per semester.  Any modification of this teaching load applicable in individual Schools shall be approved by the Dean and theVice President for Academic Affairs. At the School of Law the teaching load is governed by the standards of the Association of American Law Schools.

(b) The course load may be reduced for individual faculty members engaged in major research projects, faculty with graduate teaching responsibilities who spend much of their time in the direction of graduate student research, and for faculty members heavily involved in laboratory instruction, the direction of field work or other activities which justify a reduction of course load. Chairpersons and other faculty with significant administrative responsibilities are given consideration in the reduction of their teaching loads.

§4-03.03 - Outside Employment

(a) Full-time members of the University faculty shall devote their major energies to University teaching, research, student advising, and related activities. This imposes a limitation on outside activities which, in general, should not exceed one day per week or the equivalent.

(b) Teaching in another institution by a full-time faculty member is not permitted except with written approval of the Vice President for Academic Affairs or the designee of such Vice President.  This approval may be given for a period not to exceed one academic year, and may be renewed.

(c) For any work of a continuing or regular nature, annual approval by the Vice President for Academic Affairs or the designee of such Vice President is required.

§4-03.04 - Additional Teaching in the University

(a) It is the policy of the University not to retain its full-time faculty for additional teaching responsibilities for added compensation. In special circumstances, a faculty member may be compensated for such additional instruction. In such cases, the approval of the faculty member's Department or Division Chairperson, Dean and the Vice President for Academic Affairs must be obtained.  Such approval may be given for a period not to exceed one academic year, and may be renewed in exceptional cases.

(b) No member of the instructional staff may be compensated for privately tutoring any student enrolled in a course taught by that member.

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