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Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
University-Sponsored Research
Chapter 3:
Outside Funded Research and Training
Chapter 4:
Guidelines for Fiscal Aspects of Grants
Chapter 5:
Grant and Contract Policy
Chapter 6:
Policies and Procedures Concerning Non-Governmental Gifts and Grants



§5-02.01 Research Grants
§5-02.02 Grants-in-Aid
§5-02.03 Research Professorships

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In addition to its Faculty Fellowship Program [see §4-05.08(a)(1)], the University seeks to encourage faculty [as defined in §4-01.02] research activity as follows:

§5-02.01 - Research Grants

Research grants to assist full-time faculty to develop competitive research projects with potential for publication or submission to external funding agencies are reviewed by a faculty committee of the Research Council.  A major emphasis is on junior faculty working on their first research projects beyond the dissertation.  The deadline for the submission of faculty research grant applications is January 15.

§5-02.02 - Grants-in-Aid

Grants-in-aid in small amounts may be requested in writing directly from the Office of Research for incidental expenses connected with a research project, such as typing fees for manuscripts, photocopying source materials, travel to libraries, etc.

§5-02.03 - Research Professorships

When outside funds are available, Research Professorships may be awarded in order to provide Fordham faculty with an opportunity to devote themselves more completely to a particular research project by freeing them from teaching responsibilities.  In certain circumstances, arrangements may be made for Research Professors to also teach.  Since such faculty appointments are made from the ranks of already appointed professors and associate professors, the recommendation for such appointments shall be made in writing by the Chairperson of the Department, or the Dean of the School where there are no Departments, to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Approval of both shall be required to make this appointment.  When awarded, such research faculty ranks replace the regular faculty rank held by the faculty members involved for the length of time of the appointment.  Research Professors ordinarily shall be appointed for one year subject to renewal.

(a) Research Professor.  In order to qualify for this rank, the candidate must be a Professor and have demonstrated distinguished achievement in research activity.

(b) Research Associate Professor.  In order to qualify for this rank, the candidate must be an Associate Professor and have demonstrated recognized achievement in research activity.

(c) Appointment as Research Professor or Research Associate Professor. Tenured Professors and Associate Professors who believe that they fulfill the qualifications for Research Professor or Research Associate Professor as described above, may be nominated to the University Director of Research at any time during the academic year.  The recommendation of the Research Council must be considered before such an appointment is made.

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