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Since 1997, The RETC – Center for Professional Development has helped schools improve through the effective use of technology. Supported by various grants and programs, the RETC provides professional development in technology integration to hundreds of public and non-public schools in New York City and surrounding communities.

Professional Development for Schools

The RETC provides professional development at school sites with supporting teachers in their classrooms, online through distance learning and at our facility through hands-on workshops. The RETC can provide workshops tailored to meet the needs of individual schools for professional development days, after school professional development offered to teachers and in-class support for teachers during the school day.

Technology Integration
Professional developers at the RETC work with educators in their classrooms to develop, refine and implement lesson, project and unit plans that integrate technology in a student-centered and project-based approach, aligned with the NYS and ISTE standards. The RETC can help teachers develop the mental models necessary to transform their classroom instruction through the use of laptops, SmartBoards, LCD projectors, digital photography and video, podcasting, Science data probes and Mathematics programs like Geometer Sketchpad and Tabula Digita.

Infrastructure Assessment

Schools often have underutilized technological resources. The RETC can support schools in assessing their current technology and make recommendations for more efficient and effective uses of the technology already available in the school, helping develop technology deployment plans for laptop carts, LCD projectors and computer lab access.

Technology Consulting Services
Administrators and educators may lack the time and technical expertise to make ideal choices when acquiring hardware and software. The RETC can help simplify the selection process by aligning new and emerging technologies with the learning goals and technology plans of the school.

Special Programs for Non-Public Schools
Through a grant offered by the Office of Non-Public Education, the RETC offers both free graduate courses and workshops for continuing education units to non-public school teachers working in New York City.

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