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RETC | Assessment Services

The RETC – Center for Professional Development has expertise in developing and hosting web-based surveys, evaluations and assessments. The RETC can host custom designed instruments on a separate website designated specifically for data collection. All survey data is downloaded to a secure server, ready to be analyzed in SPSS or Microsoft Excel. Unlike other survey services, the RETC can guarantee the security of the data and design an instrument to specifications.

Consultation – An initial meeting to determine the number and type of survey questions. A draft survey will then be created and approved. This survey will contain all questions, logos, background, fonts and colors chosen.

Final Web Survey – Once the final revisions of the survey are completed, it will be available on the Internet. Survey access can be password protected.

Survey Hosting and Data Collection – When the survey is live on the Internet, all of the respondents' answers are collected in the secure RETC databases.

Reporting – Interim and final reports may be produced including response rates, statistical analyses, and benchmarking reports.

Data Export – All data collected at the end of the survey is provided to in Excel and/or SPSS.

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