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History of the RETC
Fordham University’s RETC – Center for Professional Development was established in 1997. Initially funded by a $9 million grant from New York State's Higher Education Applied Technology Legislation, the RETC is dedicated to serving the professional development needs of educators and learners. Significant past projects of the RETC are described below.

Title IID Technology Professional Development Grant
This grant provided Bronx Region 2 teachers with professional development in the integration of instructional technology into classroom teaching and learning. The goal of this 3–year project was to raise student achievement levels in literacy and mathematics. The project, funded through a grant created by the No Child Left behind Act, written by Dr. Kathleen P. King in collaboration with representatives of the office of Laura Rodriguez, the Superintendent of Region 2, was directed by Dr. Steven D’Agustino and provided professional development to nearly 500 public and non–public school teachers.

Anytime Anywhere Learning Professional Development School (AALPDS) (FIPSE)
Web–based distance learning professional development program provided courses in standards–based teaching and learning, online learning, educational leadership, and high performance classrooms. Begun in 2000 as a partnership between Fordham University, Classroom Connect and the North Carolina Partnership for Excellence, funding was provided in part by the US Department of Education’s Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education/Learning Anytime Anywhere Partnership.

Auxiliary Services for High Schools (ASHS)
This project was started by Fordham University and the Department of Education to improve the literacy component of the curriculum and provide support to teachers through professional development. The goal of ASHS was to create learner–centered classrooms and assist teachers in their instructional planning.

1199 SUI Training and Upgrading Fund

The Evaluating Skills Training Program in Long Term Care was a collaborative effort of The League of 1199 SEIU Training and Upgrading Fund Nursing Home Department and the RETC. This project aimed at administering a holistic patient–centered training model in Gerontology and palliative care through innovative curriculum and mentoring practice, applied knowledge and organizational change.

Bots in the Bronx – January 2005

This event took place at the McGinley Center of Fordham University. It featured practice competitions for student teams, workshops on how to build robots and improve their performance, demonstrations of advanced robotics and sessions on how to integrate robotics into the curriculum.

Serrano–DOJ grant — February 2005
The RETC received a $300,000 grant to help Bronx teachers working with at–risk students integrate technology into their curricula. This Department of Justice Grant was funded with the support of Congressman José E. Serrano (16th Congressional District of New York, South Bronx).

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