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The RETC – Center for Professional Development offers workshops in technology skills for educators and parents. These workshops range from beginning to advanced level and include basic Microsoft programs like Excel and PowerPoint as well as more advanced programs like Adobe Photoshop.

RETC workshops are geared towards existing hardware and software that you would find in your home or classroom or variations of expensive software that you can download for free. These workshops are hands-on, personal, and inexpensive to further your technology skills and keep on top of emerging technology.

In addition to our in–house workshops, the RETC offers workshops and graduate courses for nonpublic school teachers through the NYC Bureau of Nonpublic School Reimbursable Services [more information].

Samples of Workshops Offered at the RETC

Using Open Source Software to Design a Website
Learn how to use Open Source (free) software to design and edit WebPages. This class will cover all the basic skills you need to know in order to make a great website.

Great Learning Resources on the Internet
Join us as we look at some great resources on the Internet. These sites are a “must have” for the parents in your school. Check out sites that can help students improve basic skills, complete research projects and learn online.

Keeping Track of Data with Microsoft Excel

Learn how to create and format electronic spreadsheets that will help you keep track of data. Practice organizing and sorting your information and learn how to make charts and graphs with your data.

Making Great Presentations with PowerPoint!

Learn how to create powerful presentations using PowerPoint. Practice inserting slides, text, pictures, and animations, creating transitions, music, video and more. Polish your professional presentation skills!

Introduction to Robotics

This class will introduce the Lego Robotics RCX brick, programming software, basic principles of robotics, and robot construction. Participants will engage in a variety of programming exercises and learn how to integrate this technology into the curriculum.

Lego Robotics NXT Kit
This workshop will provide an overview of the next-generation Lego Robotics NXT Kit. Participants will learn about the NXT brick and software and engage in a variety of programming exercises.

Creating an Electronic Resume
Learn how to use a word processing program to create a great resume! This workshop will show you how to post your resume on websites where employers can find you.

Finding Useful Career Resources on the Internet

Join us as we explore career resources on-line. This workshop will introduce you to sites which offer job training, education, & certification programs as well as listings of jobs that may interest you.

Using Digital Audio in the Classroom
Audacity is a free digital audio program that offer teachers excellent opportunities to foster a variety of essential literacy skills across the curriculum. This hands-on workshop will introduce participants to many uses for this must-have classroom tool.

Introduction to Google Applications
Google Applications provide users with free, on-line word processing, presentations, and spreadsheets, notebook software, search engines, calendars, photo editing software, anti-virus programs and web-based e-mail. Join us for this helpful session filled with free resources.

Microsoft Word Fundamentals
Learn basic word processing skills. Topics include creating, saving, editing, printing a document; setting tabs; creating and editing a table; creating bulleted and numbered lists; headers, footers, and page breaks.

Introduction to Smartboards
Participants learn how to set up the Smart Board, use Notebook software, identify websites and activities that are particularly-suited for the Smart Board, and use this technology effectively with software found in the classroom.

Open Office – FREE Productivity Software
Learn about Open Office, a FREE program that can be installed on any PC or Mac. It contains presentation software, a word processor, a spread sheet program, and a database just like the expensive software packages contain. This is a great resource for individuals who need to learn business and education applications and can practice at home without paying for the software.

Introduction to Digital Photo Editing
Learn how to make corrections to digital photos using Adobe Photoshop Elements. Topics will include: re-coloring, resizing, cutting and replacing sections, organizing, and preparing photos for print, web, and email.

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