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E. Gerald Corrigan Conference Center Room Reservation Request Form » (downloadable PDF)

E. Gerald Corrigan Conference Center

12th Floor Lounge

Capacity of 200 Lecture Style or Banquet Style (less than 200 if Food Service is requested due to space constraints in rear of room)

Rental Fee: $6,000

President's Dining Room

Capacity of 22 at Conference Table with 10 additional chairs around the perimeter of the room

Rental Fee: $2,000

Plaza View Room

Capacity of 16 at Conference Table

Rental Fee: $1,500



If you are an external organization wishing to inquire about holding your event at Fordham, contact Richard Waite at 212-636-7900 or by email at

The 12th Floor Lounge, President's Dining Room and Plaza View Room are requested through the Office of the Vice President by contacting Ann Chillemi at 212-636-6265 or by email at
Reservation forms with pre-approval signature are required

Please note only Sodexho catering is permitted at these locations

  Fordham University Room Reservation Request Form for Rooms Listed Below (downloadable PDF)
Pope Auditorium

Full capacity of 400, though other configurations are possible depending upon event requirements and numbers of participants

The Auditorium is booked around the Theater Departments production schedule and is in heavy use during the Academic year

Rental Fee: $6,000

Pope Auditorium Reservation Request Form » (Download PDF)

Cafeteria Atrium

Capacity of 120 with cafeteria seating, though special arrangements can be made for various configurations if required

This space is glass enclosed and is very bright during the day, making it more ideal for luncheon purposes rather than presentation events

Rental Fee: $3,500

South Lounge

Capacity of 50 with lecture style seating and less than 50 if tables are required

The space is carpeted and contains equipment for running media presentations

Rental Fee: $850

McMahon Hall Lounge 109

Capacity of 60 with lecture style seating and less than 60 if tables are required

The space is carpeted and is located within the McMahon Hall dormitory building (alcohol is strictly prohibited at this location)

Rental Fee: $850

Reserved by Conference Services until 5pm, Monday through Thursday.

Evening reservations after 5pm on these days are handled by the Office of Residential Life by contacting Olga Ramirez at 212-636-7100 or by email at


Plaza Level

Located in the Lowenstein Building just before you enter the student cafeteria

Tables can be requested for this space accommodating displays, student club info tabling, bake sales, vendor purposes, etc.

Rental Fee: $35 per Table

Outside Plaza Located outside the Plaza Level, this location is usually reserved during  the spring and summer months for barbecue's and fair's
Lowenstein Classrooms

Classrooms in the Lowenstein building are reserved around the University's academic scheduling

Capacities vary and most rooms are equipped with media/presentation capabilities

Rental Fee: $575

The Pope Auditorium, Cafeteria Atrium, South Lounge, McMahon Hall Lounge 109 (day time reservations), Plaza Level, Outside Plaza and Lowenstein Classrooms are reserved through Conference Services by contacting Richard Miranda at 212-636-6020 or by email at
Reservation forms are required 

Please note only Sodexho catering is permitted in these rooms except for McMahon Hall Lounge 109 – outside catering is allowed at that location

Residential Life Locations 
McMahon Hall Lounge 109 Reserved through the Office of Residential Life after 5PM, Monday - Thursday

McMahon Hall 205/206


Law School at Lincoln Center 
Law School locations are reserved through the Law School by contacting Rebecca Gruia at 212-636-6944 orby email at
Technical Assistance Policy For internal users, technical assistance will be provided during normal operating hours in support of our smart classrooms and conference spaces. There is a hotline in all of our classrooms at Lowenstein for immediate technical assistance, or you may call extension 6313. There is no charge for this service.

Outside organizations and University co-sponsored groups that require technical assistance during normal operating hours must have a media technician present and must pay a fee for this service. This service must be scheduled at least 72 hours prior to the event in order to secure a media technician. Labor Fee: $50.00 per hour for a minimum of 4 hours during normal operating hours.

University internal groups will pay a reduced rate of $25.00 an hour for a minimum of 4 hours during normal operating hours when ongoing technical assistance is required.

A smart classroom or conference space fee can only be waived with the approval of the Director of Conference Planning or the Office of the Vice President for Lincoln Center. Labor fees for technical assistance cannot be waived.

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