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Fordham University, the Jesuit University of New York, is committed to sustainability as a central consideration in all aspects of its activities including its curriculum, student development and education, faculty and staff involvement, and physical plant operations.   In keeping with the Jesuit traditions of the pursuit of wisdom and learning, education of the whole person and respect for the environment, the University recognizes the value of minimizing its environmental impact and endeavors to pursue best practices throughout all aspects of its activities.

The University will endeavor to design, construct and maintain its buildings, infrastructure and grounds in a manner that ensures environmental sustainability. Reaching beyond compliance in areas of environmental concern, Fordham will pursue sustainability best practices in a broad range of areas:


Cost-effective energy reduction initiatives will be implemented to reduce our impact by minimizing energy waste. We will pursue alternative energy strategies, including new technologies as they become more available.

Waste, Recycling, and Minimization

Our operations will endeavor to recycle as much material as possible, in line with commonsense operational requirements. We will also explore all avenues to reduce waste and to purchase renewable and reusable products. We will educate and train our students, staff and faculty in all aspects of this work.


All new buildings will be designed to achieve the U.S. Green Building Council’s “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design’s New Construction” (USGBC LEED NC) Silver rating, ensuring all new properties are environmentally responsible.


We will work to reduce the environmental impact of our vehicle fleet, encourage vendors to consider the same and promote the use of public transportation.

Climate Change

We will measure and implement methods to reduce our carbon footprint, working to meet the City of New York’s program for carbon reduction of 30 percent by the year 2017.


Fordham University will advance understanding of environmental change through its curriculum and academic programs.


The University will work with local institutions and City agencies such as the Bronx Zoo, the New York Botanical Gardens, the City of New York, and others to coordinate our sustainability efforts, enhancing our impact through strategic partnerships and programs.

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