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The Dorothy Day Center for Service and Justice is grounded in the Jesuit philosophy of homines pro aliis, men and women for others. We work to create mutually beneficial relationships rooted in a respect for the dignity of all persons.
The Mission of the CCEUE is to promote individual and collaborative research in integrated fields within ecology, evolution, and conservation. The CCEUE also addresses the effects of climate change and urbanization on regional ecosystems and the roles of humans in physiological, ecological and evolutionary processes.
The Center was established to augment Fordham's commitment to cultivate life-long habits of critical thinking, moral reflection, and articulate expression, drawing upon the Jesuit maxims of Wisdom & Learning and Men and Women for Others.  The Center provides a broad range of multidisciplinary ethics education opportunities, including degree programs, major lectures and support for ethics research and scholarship.
The Consortium’s mission is to promote communication and linkages about social justice issues within the Fordham University community, and this monthly Newsletter is designed to help connect the University community with the broad array of social justice and poverty-related efforts undertaken throughout the University.

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