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University vehicles: Security vehicles will be 100 percent hybrid, with hybrids replacing internal combustion vehicles as the latter are retired. 

The Grounds Department will be converting 50 percent of its vehicles to electric.

The University Procurement Department has joined the Terracycle Pen Brigade. Collect empty pens, highlighters, markers, wipe board markers and send them to Shonda Nesbitt at FMH 131. For every writing instrument recycled .02 will go to the American Center Society.

When you use the University Procurement Duplicating Centers at Lincoln Center, Rose Hill and Westchester the Duplicating Centers for your copy needs you are making a positive effort to use energy more efficiently and at a reasonable cost. These centers had been using 30% post consumer recycled white paper since 2007. 
The University, through our office supply program with Staples Business Advantage, has increased its Post Consumer Recycled Content from 27% in 2007 to 37% in 2011.  
This effort, to date, translates to: 
Greenhouse gas emissions reduced (CO2) equivalents                      222,726.71 lbs
Equivalent number of average US cars not driven per year                    20.2242 cars
Water saved                                                                                     1,002,460.52 gallons
Trees saved                                                                                             2,440.03 trees
Wood Resources saved                                                                        652547.68 lbs

All appliances and computers are required to be Energy Star rated.
These are just a few resources for you office needs. Please contact University Procurement at 718-817-4927 for further information.

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