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Top 10 Ways to Save!


1. Switch It Off:  Turn off the lights when natural light is sufficient and when you leave the room.  It’s that simple!

2. Climate Control:  Keep your temperature system on a moderate setting while you’re in the room.

3. Wasteful Windows:  Use your windows wisely!  If your climate control system is on, shut them.  If you need a little fresh air, turn off the heat or AC.

4. Minimize Plug Load:  Cut down the number of appliances you are running and you will save big on energy.  For example, share your mini-fridge with roommates and minimize the number of printers in your office.

5. Phantom Power:  Did you know that many electronics continue using energy even when powered down?  This is true of any charger, television, printer, etc.  Use a power strip to easily unplug these electronics when not in use.

6. Give it a Rest:  Power your computer down when you’re away.  A computer turned off uses at least 65% less energy than a computer left on or idle on a screen saver.

7. Take the Stairs: Use the stairs as often as possible - elevators consume electricity.  You do not.

8. Loaded Laundry:  Only do full loads of laundry and use the bright colors cycle whenever possible.

9. Shorter Showers:  Take shorter showers.  The less hot water you use, the less energy is needed to heat the water.

10. Switch to Efficient LED:  LED light bulbs use 90% less energy than incandescent and last up to 30                times longer.

A few more tips:

- Conserve Paper – Print and copy on two sides, save single-sided pages for notes, and print only what you need.

- Recycle – Take a few steps to a recycling center in your building to deposit aluminum cans, plastics, glass, office paper, newspaper, or cardboard. 

- Promote Reuse – Donate used cell phones and chargers, furniture clothing and cleaning and school supplies.

- Get a Little Exercise – Consider walking or riding a bike if the distance is reasonable.  Walk from your bus or subway stop to your office or lab. 

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