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Eye on Political Future, Grad Heads to U. of Oxford


With Eye on Political Future, Graduate Heads
to the University of Oxford

Vince Evans, right, and Assistant Professor William Jaworski, Ph.D.

Photo by Bruce Gilbert

Intrigued by politics and the inner workings of government, Vince Evans has set forth on a path that one day could lead him to the White House. A philosophy major, he is heading to the University of Oxford in England for two years of advanced study as a prestigious British Marshall Scholar.

“I have a passion for social justice,” said Evans. “I want to get involved in politics as a progressive democrat to influence the delivery of welfare services for the impoverished, improve education for the young and expand health-care coverage to those who don’t have it.”

At Fordham, Evans served as a senator in the United Student Government, and was an active member of the College Democrats and Gannon Speech and Debate. However, he wasn’t attracted to philosophy until his sophomore year when he took a philosophical ethics class with Assistant Professor William Jaworski, Ph.D., whom he credits with fostering his development at Fordham.

“Dr. Jaworski brought the subject alive, and he showed me how important a really great teacher can be,” said Evans.

In his junior year, Evans received the Jane B. Aron Prize, a $2,000 award for outstanding scholarship in philosophy, and is graduating with a 3.8 GPA. Evans said winning the Aron Prize helped to convince him to apply for the prestigious Marshall fellowship.

“Vince is the best kind of student,” said Jaworski. “He’s bright, he’s interested, he asks good questions, and most importantly, he works hard and is able to accept frank criticism: That’s a mark of real humility and dedication. He’s a great learner and a great leader.”

Evans, who will enroll in Oxford’s Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) program, was one of 22 finalists for the Marshall Scholarship in the New York region and was among winners from the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University and Stanford University. Each year, at least 40 elite scholars from the United States are selected to study in academic institutions in the United Kingdom.

“Vincent is an outstanding student of philosophy and politics. He combines a first-class intellect with a passionate commitment to public service and social justice,” said Jay Iselim, C.B.E., chairman of the New York Marshall selection committee. “In time, we believe he will emerge as an important and innovative policy thinker and political leader.”

Upon returning from Oxford, the Liberty, N.Y., native, plans to pursue a law degree.

“I am excited to get going … I feel like I have a lump of gold in my pocket and I need to get it to the bank before I lose it,” said Evans. “It’s a tremendous opportunity, privilege and honor, and I want to make my family and Fordham proud.”

— Michael Larkin

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