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About Online Learning at Fordham

Fordham education is student-centered and based on close collaboration among students, faculty and staff.  Fordham University's Online Learning Programs are committed to offering the same high standard of academic excellence with the flexibility and convenience which online learning provides. 

Fordham currently offers online degrees through the Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education (GSRRE).  Our programs are a joint effort between Fordham's Academic Departments and the Department of Instructional Technology Academic Computing (ITAC).

Masters of Arts Degree Program in Pastoral Care Master of Arts Degree Program in Religious Education
Graduate Certificate in
Faith Formation

The Masters of Arts program in Pastoral Care prepares those engaged in ministry to be competent and effective pastoral caregivers. The program provides knowledge of the nature and purpose of pastoral care, increased effectiveness with pastoral care interventions and theological reflection on the application of pastoral care in specific situations of ministry.  It combines theory and practice and integrates  theological and psychological knowledge to increase effectiveness in pastoral ministry.

The online MA in Religious Education with a concentration in Youth and Young Adult ministry focuses on understanding adolescent and young adult religious, spiritual, moral and psychological development; exploring the various components of comprehensive youth ministry; and developing goals and objectives for youth and young adult ministry.

Graduate Certificate in Faith Formation is an 18-credit certificate offered online for teachers, parish religious educators, part-time and volunteer parish ministers, and others who are generally interested in the program. For some, the program further prepares them for parish service and/or religious education; for others it serves as enrichment. For those who wish the 18 credits accrued may be applied towards the 36 credit Master of Arts degree with concentrations in Religious Education, Spirituality, or Pastoral Studies.

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