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university information security office [UISO]

March 06, 2007


Because information security is critical to the privacy and integrity of Fordham University’s people and our traditional educational, research, and operational missions, I am pleased to announce that Fordham has created the position of University Information Security Officer (UISO). Beginning March 1st, 2007, Mr. Jason Benedict assumed responsibility for this Executive Level Management function.
In this position, Jason is responsible for the overall direction of information security functions relating to Fordham University, specifically: IT risk management, security policies, security awareness, and security architecture.  Areas of responsibility include security of enterprise-wide applications, communications, networks and computing services.

  Some of Jason’s overall duties include:

  • Focusing on security policy, security awareness, security risk assessment, security incident response and security compliance
  • Promoting quality and integrity of information security throughout the university,
  • Coordinating security efforts across the enterprise to include IT, HR, communications, legal and facilities management, and
  • Maintaining awareness of Federal and State legislative requirements for the university.

In alignment with the University Strategic Plan, Jason will develop and chair a university-wide Information Security Advisory Board to provide guidance and advocacy on information security standards and security investments. Additionally, he will identify security goals andobjectives and develop plans for implementing policy, processes and procedures to support the strategic direction of the University. Jason comes into this role with unparalleled depth and breadth of information security experience. He is articulate and extremely capable of communicating security-related concepts to a broad range of technical and non-technical staff. Jason’s high energy, entrepreneurial spirit and genuine personality suit him well for this new role and I am positive he will be an essential asset for the University as we move “Toward 2016.”

Congratulations, Jason Benedict. 

Frank J. Sirianni, PhD
Vice President and CIO

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