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The Event Management Process

Event Management Process

The purpose of the Event Management Process (EMP) is to review all proposed changes to Fordham’s production environment. The role of the EMP is to ensure that:
  • All documentation related to a production change request is correctly filled out,
  • All events are reviewed against the University calendar and evaluated for conflicts, and,
  • All production requests meet the requirements of the Change Management Policy, prior to being forwarded to the Change Management Board (CMB).
The EMP is comprised of a Chair from the Strategic Program Office (SPO) and appointed employees of Fordham IT.

  1. The IT sponsor will initiate a CR and send it to
  2. Must be submitted at least one calendar month prior to the scheduled go-live, all requests that have been entered into the EMP Folder and meet the criteria will be reviewed by the Event Management Process.
  3. During the process, the proposed changes are discussed and the documentation reviewed for completeness. Any issues will be sent to the
Note: The EMP does not meet – this process can be accomplished electronically. CRs must be reviewed within one week. Members may be invited to attend the CMB meeting when necessary.

For a change request to be considered complete, it must contain the following items:
  • Work Authorization Form with signatures or e-mails indicating approval for deployment
  • Back-out Plan
  • Notice to Affected Parties
  • Summary of Test Results

Approval for changes must be unanimous from the EMP group (Directors, or appointees only) for the change to move forward. If approved, the status of the request is updated in the CM system to show that it has passed the EMP and is ready for review by the CMB.

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