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Connecting from Android Clients

University Directory (White Pages)

QR for Android LDAPClientConnecting from Android Clients

The Android Market contains a free app, listed as Fordham eDir, specifically designed to easily access the University White Pages. 

Configuration of the LDAP Client app for Fordham University White Pages is as follows:


  • Click the ‘New Account’ button on the app’s main screen and you will be presented with a screen to enter your AccessIT ID and password. 
  • Click the ‘Test Settings’ button to verify your entries.  If correct, click the ‘Save Settings’ button.  Otherwise, review your typing, correct and test settings again.
  • If the test and save actions were successful, you should see a screen containing a new entry for the Fordham University White Pages (see the image below).


  • Click to select the Fordham Address Book server.
  • Enter a Last Name in the ‘Search Text’ box and click 'Search'.
  • Results of the search will display in a format similar to that shown in the image on the next page.


  • Selecting the first listing shown above (on the left-hand side) will display detailed information, in a format similar to that shown on the image at right.
  • To add the information to your phone’s address book, simply click ‘Add to Contacts’.

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