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Connecting from Thunderbird

University Directory (White Pages)

Connecting from Thunderbird Clients

Adding the Fordham University White Pages Address Book. 

  • From the menu bar, select 'File', then 'New', then 'LDAP Directory'.
  • When the 'Directory Server Properties' window appears, enter the following values:
    Name: Fordham University
    Base DN: ou=people,,o=wp
    Port number: 636
    Bind DN: uid=youruserid,ou=people,,o=wp
    where youruserid is your AccessIT ID
    Check the box for 'Use secure connection (SSL)'

Performing a Search
  • From the menu bar, select ‘Edit’, then ‘Search Addresses…’.
  • Make sure that ‘Fordham University’ is selected in the pull-down menu in the ‘Advanced Address Book Search’ window.

  • Type a name to search for – for example, ‘Display Name’ contains ‘Doe’, and click the ‘Search’ button.

  • If presented with an ‘LDAP Server Password Required’ dialogue box, enter the password which you use to access the my.Fordham portal.

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