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Project Planning Guide

The following questions will help you prepare for your first meeting with your University Marketing and Communications project manager.

Type of project

What are you marketing? Are you advertising a program? Announcing an event? Producing a newsletter?

Audience for this project

Who needs to receive your message? Are you addressing prospective students? Alumni? Trustees? Current Students? Parents? Metro-area residents? Several of these groups combined? Are there members of your audience, such as the president, trustees, or senior administrators, that need extra time and attention?


What action do you want your audience to take? Register? Make a donation? Share good news with others? Request more information? What new goals have you set for this project? How will you track responses, record participants, and measure effectiveness?

Types of media

Your project may employ several different media.

  • Web: We strongly encourage that all projects begin with a page on the Fordham website, before producing any other material. An event may require an announcement page, a registration form, an event calendar listing and a social media post. With your webpage in place, promotional materials, such as a brochure or keychain may simply invite recipients to learn more online. Even if you have existing webpages, they must be reviewed for relevance and accuracy before the rest of the project is produced.
  • Print and Electronic: Along with the Web, how do you want to convey your information? Will it be printed? Electronic? Is it a postcard, poster, brochure, invitation, or e-vite? Is it a combination of several of these resources? Is a photographer or videographer required?


How many are needed? Do you have a mailing list or lists? Will your print piece be distributed at other events?


How much do you want to spend? What budget number will be charged? Who will approve the budget?


When do you want the item to be in the hands of your audience? When is the event? Registration deadline? Where will your printed project be delivered if it will not be mailed? How do you want mailed printed pieces distributed: first class or nonprofit postal rates? (See production and delivery timetable.)

Final Destinations

Where will duplicates and overruns be stored? Will they continue to be distributed after the initial use? How will you archive electronic materials on the Fordham website? How do you plan to report on an event or dated announcement after the fact? What will you do with any photographs or recorded media after the event?

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