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Payment Options

PAYMENT OPTIONS at fordham university

Fordham University is embarking upon some major changes to the way it provides payment options to students, parents and others who participate in or attend classes or pursue degrees.

These changes enable the University to maintain regulatory compliance, improve service, maximize benefits and support our commitment to green initiatives.

There are two major developments that will affect how students are billed and how they make payment on their accounts. 

Effective March 1, 2011, Fordham will no longer accept payment by credit card for Tuition, Room and Board, Technology Fee and General Fee for matriculated undergraduate and graduate students with the following exceptions.

Credit card payments will continue to be accepted for:

  • Fordham School of Professional and Continuing Studies
  • Gabelli School of Business Evening students
  • All Summer Undergraduate, Graduate Arts and Sciences, and Graduate Religion students
  • Institute of American language and Culture course fees
  • Miscellaneous incidental fees (Conferences/Workshops, Application fees, Late fees)

The following credit cards will be accepted: Visa, MasterCard and American Express

Payments for Tuition, Fees, Room, and Board as well as all other charges may be made by cash, check, wire transfer, debit card, or Automated Clearing House Transactions (ACH) that directly debit an individual’s bank account.  Payment plans are also available for significant balances.

Effective with the summer term of 2011, billing statements will be available via electronic billing (E-Bill) as well as paper bill.  This will provide:

  • email notification
  • online payment options
  • delegation of payment authority to a third party (such as parents, grandparents or other relative) by the student
  • immediate adjustments to the account

More information on the new credit card policy and electronic billing will be forthcoming as March 1st approaches.

It is our goal to make this transition as smooth as possible. Thank you for your support.

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