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Program Structure

Program Structure

The program structure consists of the following three management levels:
  • Program Director
  • Program Management Team
  • Process Improvement Team

Program Director - University Vice President & CIO Frank Sirianni oversees the direction and execution of the PIBP.  The Program Director serves as the key link between the departments in which the reviewed business practices and processes reside, and the expert resources on the Program Management Team.  The Program Director will work directly with Vice Presidents associated with the reviewed processes in order to develop appropriate objectives and scopes of work. He will report regularly to Father McShane on program process, and functional improvements.

Program Management Team - Consists of representatives of each of the University's functional areas, and several subject matter experts [SME] who participate in the functional Process Improvement Teams in the targeted areas for improvement.  The Program Management Team will initially identify and prioritize the processes to be reviewed and the scheduling for their improvement. All recommended improvements will be forwarded to the Program Director for approval and follow-up with the process' respective Vice President.

Process Improvement Team - Formed by the Program Management Team and the functional area Vice President, the Process Improvement Team consists of staff members directly involved with the process being reviewed. A Project Manager will be designated from within the staff group. Members of the Program Management Team will oversee this Team and provide supplementary expertise in costing, process improvement, legacy system and Banner functionality.

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