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Off Campus Shuttle Route

Off Campus Shuttle Route
The Office of Public Safety and the Office of Student Affairs offer a late-night neighborhood shuttle service to transport students and staff to and from the Rose Hill campus. The vans provide passengers with a safe, reliable and comfortable mode of transportation. Security Guards operate the vans on a specific route with pick up and discharge at designated locations; most of the designated locations have Fordham Security guards present to further enhance your safety.

The shuttle is offered free of charge and operates seven days a week, between 10pm and 5am during the fall and spring semesters. Students and staff boarding the vans must present a valid identification card. Members of the Fordham community accept full responsibility for their guests and must comply with all University policies and directions from the driver/guard. Shuttle #1 (below) begins the route on the hour and half hour at the Bathgate entrance.

Shuttle #1 – Depart from the Bathgate Avenue Entrance. Turn left onto Fordham Road. Turn right onto Lorillard Place. Turn left onto E 187 Street. Turn left onto Hoffman Street. Stop at Terra Nova, 2500-2512 Hoffman Street. Continue on Hoffman Street, then turn right onto Fordham Road. Turn right onto Arthur Avenue. Stop at 2468 Arthur Avenue. Continue on Arthur Avenue, then stop at 2451-2461 Arthur Avenue. Continue on Arthur Avenue, then turn left onto E 186 Street. Turn left onto Hughes Avenue. Stop at E 186 Street and Hughes Avenue. Continue on Hughes Avenue, then turn right onto Fordham Road. Turn right onto Belmont Avenue. Continue on Belmont until Crescent Avenue. Turn left onto Crescent Avenue. Turn right on E 187 Street. Turn left onto Crotona Avenue. Turn left onto 189 Street. Turn right to stay on 189 Street. Turn right onto Bathgate Avenue. End at Bathgate Avenue entrance to Fordham.

Designated Stops Times
Fordham University Bathgate Entrance 00-30
Terra Nova House-2500-2512 Hoffman Street 06-36
Arthur 2- 2484-2486 Arthur Avenue 10-40
Arthur House-2451-2461 Arthur Avenue 12-42
186th Street and Hughes Ave* 16-46
University Entrance- 191st/ Bathgate Ave 27-57

The Shuttle should drop off or pick up ONLY Fordham University students as they proceed along the designated route at the designated times. This is a shuttle service and will stick strictly to schedule in order that students waiting can count on the van’s arrival at the specific times and locations. These vans will not be used as personal taxis.

Shuttle #2 and #3 – Will transport students between the IND subway (Fordham Road Station), Grand Concourse at 188 Street (D train), and the Rose Hill campus Bathgate Avenue entrance ONLY. These two vans must ensure a continuous presence at the D train. Students taking the #4 subway from Manhattan’s East Side must transfer to the D train at 161 Street and River Avenue (Transit Police District location).



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