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Guidelines for a Shooting Incident on Campus

Guidelines for a Shooting Incident on Campus
Suggested Response by Students/Faculty/Staff/Visitors

In the unlikely event of an active shooter at a Fordham campus or building; remember:
  1. Evacuate, if possible to do so safely
  2. Hide, if unable to safely evacuate
  3. Take Action, if unable to evacuate or hide
  • Know the exits nearest to your location in every building in which you study, teach, or work. Leave your belongings behind and keep your hands visible.
  • Hide in a secure area in which you can lock the door or blockade the door with heavy furniture; cover any windows; turn off all lights; silence electronic devices; lie on the floor; and remain silent. Call (718) 817-2222 and/or 911 when it is safe to do so.
  • If your life is in imminent danger and you cannot evacuate or hide, as a last resort you should attempt to incapacitate the shooter as aggressively as possible. Actions might include throwing heavy objects at the shooter; rushing the shooter as a group; or striking the shooter with any hard object at hand.

Calls to Public Safety and 911 should state, if known:
  • The location of the shooter(s)
  • The number of shooters
  • The types of weapon(s) the shooter has
  • The number of victims at the location
  • A description of the shooter(s), including gender, race, distinguishing features, clothing or identity

When Law Enforcement Officers Arrive on the Scene:
  • Remain calm and follow directions
  • Immediately raise hands and spread fingers
  • Avoid quick movements towards officers
  • Avoid pointing, screaming, and yelling
  • Don't stop officers but proceed in direction from which officers are entering premises when evacuating. 

These guidelines are adapted from a variety of sources, including the New York City Police Department and federal law enforcement agencies.

The following videos are available for you to view:
Surviving an Active Shooter Event
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