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New ID Card/Frequently Asked Questions

New ID Card | Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is new about the new ID card?
The new ID card has a microchip in addition to a magnetic stripe. This new card will last longer, and will be the one ID card for your entire career at Fordham. The card will be used for many new systems at Fordham in the coming years, the first of which is for student access to the residence halls.

2. What services does the new ID card make possible?
The card can be used for access to residence halls, some of the University’s libraries and at dining service venues.  By June 2014, members of the University community will be able to swipe their ID cards for entrance to the Rose Hill and Lincoln Center campuses.

3. Why are we switching to this new system?
The new ID will enhance safety and security, ease access to buildings and services, and will mean fewer keys. The new card will also make possible future service enhancements.

4. What do I do if I have lost or misplaced my ID card?
As soon as you realize your card is lost, please report it as lost or stolen via the on the Web. You cannot receive a new card without first reporting it as lost or stolen via To request a replacement during business hours, please go to one of these offices:

  1. Rose Hill: ID Services Office, Faculty Memorial Hall, 1st floor
  2. Lincoln Center: ID Services Office, Lowenstein Center, 128-A
  3. Westchester: Room G13

After hours, please contact the Office of Public Safety on your campus to obtain a replacement ID Card. The University will immediately deactivate any ID reported lost or stolen, so no one else can use it. You must have your Fordham ID Number (FIDN) to obtain your new card.

5. Is there a charge for replacement?
Yes. The first time you need a replacement ID card, the charge will be $20. For every additional card replacement, the charge will be $30.

6. How does card access for the residence halls work?
At Rose Hill, just place your card against the reader with the red light, the light will turn green and the door should unlock. Pull the door open and enter.

At Lincoln Center, use the card reader at the desk, and the guard will use the display at the desk to determine whether students live in the hall or must sign in as visitors.

7. How will this affect signing guests into my hall or visiting other halls?
Your ID works only for your assigned residence hall. When visiting other halls, students will still sign in according to the visitation policy in the Residential Life handbook. There will be card readers at the doors of each hall, as well as at the guard desks. Anyone wishing to enter a residence hall will be expected to use the card reader at the desk. The desk assistant or guard will use the display at the desk to determine whether students live in the hall or must sign in as visitors.

8. What if my card does not work for the hall I am trying to access?
Your card will only work for the residence hall in which you have been assigned by the University. Please go to one of the offices listed above (FAQ 4) if your ID card does not work for the hall to which you have been assigned.

9. What do I need in order to obtain an ID card?
Nothing has changed for returning students: you must simply be registered for classes.  If you are receiving your card at an ID office, you must have your Fordham ID Number (FIDN) ready.


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