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Residential Life

Residential Life

The Office of Residential Life is dedicated to providing a safe and secure living environment. The office continuously presents programs and activities that contribute to safety and security. Information about these programs can be obtained through the Office of Residential Life.

Resident Directors
  Every on-campus residence hall has a resident director (RD) who is a professional, live-in staff member responsible for the management of the hall. There is one off-campus RD who manages several houses in the Belmont community.

Resident Assistants
  In addition to the resident director, each hall has several resident assistants (RA), one of whom is on call at all times to assist the resident director. The RAs act as the eyes and ears of the University in the residence hall areas. The RAs live in the halls for the added protection of those living on campus.

Locking Systems
  All residence doors have locks installed to resist intrusion. Each resident is issued a key and the doors are kept locked at all times. Do not defeat the system by propping open the doors. It is your safety; do your part.

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