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Safety Tips

The following safety tips are offered to you to help protect yourself from crime:

Know Your Environment
  Emergency blue-light phones are located outdoors throughout the Rose Hill campus. Emergency floor phones are located on each floor of the Law School, and Lowenstein Building at the Lincoln Center campus. Emergency phones go directly to Public Safety.
Dial x2222 to reach the Rose Hill Office of Public Safety, x6075 to reach the Lincoln Center Public Safety Desk, and x3001 to reach 400 Westchester Public Safety.
Notify the Office of Public Safety of anything suspicious — we will gladly respond and investigate.
Stay in well-lit areas.
Know where to obtain help when you need it.
Keep items left in your car inside your locked, automobile trunk, out of view.
Keep all valuables under your direct control — do not leave them unattended.

Safety in Numbers
  Walk with a friend.
Use the Ram Van for trips between Manhattan and the Bronx.
Use Metro-North to the east side of Manhattan, Westchester, Putnam, and Dutchess counties and Connecticut.
Avoid isolated train and bus stops.

Plan What You Will Do if Confronted by an Assailant
  Be realistic about your ability to protect yourself.
An immediate reaction of yelling or screaming may be helpful.
You are worth more than all the money or possessions you may have. Those items may be replaced.
Every emergency situation is different. Only you can decide what course of action is appropriate.

Residence Halls
  Keep all the doors and windows locked.
Do not allow or encourage unauthorized visitors in your hall, room or suite.
Know the location of fire extinguishers and alarms.
Follow campus rules about candles, incense, smoking, etc.
Mark all equipment using an identifier and keep a record of all serial numbers.
Use a cable locking device to secure computers, television sets, VCRs, etc.

If a Crime does Occur
  If a crime does occur on campus or in off-campus housing, immediately notify Public Safety. Any delay in reporting an incident decreases the chances of apprehending the suspect. The Office of Public Safety maintains a close working relationship with local police precincts and will assist you in every way possible if you become the victim of a crime.

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