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Security & the Fordham Community

Public Safety and the Fordham Community


An effective security program relies upon the active participation of every student, faculty and staff member. Here at Fordham your personal safety is most important. With your assistance and cooperation we will provide the services, staffing and guidance to achieve that end. This booklet is designed to assist you with information about a variety of security services, programs and policies. A number of University departments, including Residential Life and Student Activities, produce informational materials in more detail than found in this reference guide. We encourage you to contact these departments for more specific information, if and when desired. The Jeanne Clery Act requires that colleges and universities provide information to students and employees.

From the Assistant Vice President of Public Safety

The members of the Office of Public Safety are committed to your personal safety. We have allocated the resources necessary to provide a safe and secure environment for the campus community. The policies, procedures and programs of Fordham University have been designed and implemented to contribute, with your participation and cooperation, to attaining the highest level of safety and security possible. Safety is always a shared responsibility. Any member of the University community who becomes a victim of a crime is encouraged to immediately report the incident to the Office of Public Safety and the local police.

The Office of Public Safety provides 24-hour, 7-day-a-week coverage at the Rose Hill, Lincoln Center and Marymount campuses. Public Safety personnel are carefully screened before being assigned to Fordham University. They are strictly supervised to ensure quality performance. Public Safety personnel are overseen by a duty supervisor on every tour at all campuses. This supervisor is a former law enforcement professional with extensive patrol, management, investigation and crime-prevention experience. Public Safety personnel respond to emergency and non-emergency calls for service, provide traffic control and enforcement of traffic regulations, and assist in building inspections and fire prevention.
University Public Safety personnel are empowered to enforce Fordham regulations, to investigate incidents and to apprehend those who violate University regulations or commit crimes on campus. Criminal violators who are apprehended are turned over to the local police for arrest processing. When necessary, Fordham University will press charges against criminal violators. At Rose Hill, the Office of Public Safety is located in Thebaud Annex. The Lincoln Center operation has bases in the Lowenstein Lobby and in the Residence Hall Lobby. The 400 Westchester Office of Public Safety is located on the first floor. Public Safety personnel are assigned 24 hours a day to provide continuous service to the campus community. Public Safety has a close working relationship with the local New York City police precincts - namely the 48th and the 52nd at Rose Hill and the 20th at Lincoln Center - and the Harrison Police Department at the 400 Westchester campus. The Public Safety Director meets regularly with police commanders to help ensure the safest environment for our campus community.

John Carroll, Director of Public Safety

Off-Campus Shuttle Service

The Office of Public Safety and Office of Student Affairs offer a late-night neighborhood shuttle service to transport students and staff to and from the Rose Hill campus. The van provides passengers with a safe, reliable and comfortable mode of transportation. A security guard operates this van on a regular route with pickup and discharge at designated locations. The shuttle is offered free of charge and operates 7 days per week, between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. during the fall and spring semesters. The van departs the campus every 30 minutes from the front of the Office of Public Safety. A second van is used on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights to augment this service for our students. Students and staff boarding the van must present a valid identification card. Members of the Fordham community accept full responsibility for their guests and must comply with all University policies and directions from the driver/guard.
Shuttle schedules Sun-Mon-Tues-Wed Shuttle schedules Thurs-Fri-Sat

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Emergency Telephones

There are 18 emergency telephones, easily identified by a blue light, located throughout the Rose Hill campus. No dialing is necessary — simply press the red button. These phones are directly connected to the Office of Public Safety and enable security personnel to know the exact location of the caller. At the Lincoln Center campus, red emergency phones are located on all floors of both the Lowenstein and the Law School buildings.

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Personal Safety Programs

Fordham conducts safety orientation programs for all new and returning students at the start of each academic year. These programs are offered by the offices of Student Life and Residential Life in conjunction with the Office of Public Safety. The purpose of these programs is to educate students about campus security policies and procedures. The programs also alert students to the realities of urban living and offer steps that can be taken to better protect themselves and enjoy all the benefits of New York City and Westchester County.
Presentations are also provided to resident students on a hall-by-hall basis. These presentations may be accompanied by literature, handouts, films and speakers from the local police. The Office of Public Safety also publishes warnings and alerts on an as-needed basis as well as regular reporting of public safety incidents in the campus student newspapers.
In addition, all students are given a special publication that defines sexual offenses in detail. It outlines techniques for avoiding or preventing sexual offenses such as date rape and describes services available for all victims, as well as the procedure forreporting incidents to University officials and to the police.

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  Contacting Public safety

You can report any incident or event to Public Safety by telephone, in person (at the Office of Public Safety at Rose Hill, the Public Safety Desks at Lincoln Center and the Office of Public Safety at 400 Westchester) or to any of the security officers assigned on campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition to the above, the Office of Public Safety is present at all major University events, such as campus opening days, commencements, diploma ceremonies, sporting events and student-sponsored events. 

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