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Career View Program

The Career View Program is a career development program unique to Fordham University’s Office of Career Services. Students participating in this program are offered a firsthand introduction to the world of work and the culture of organizations by visiting employer offices.

During Career Views, students are generally provided with an overview of the organization, a tour of the facility and an opportunity to network with professionals. In this past, this networking opportunity has led to student internships, mentoring and part or full-time career opportunities.

This program offers the opportunity to visit organizations representing major industries in the profit, not-for-profits and government sectors, and each Career Views typically consists of 8 - 20 students. In the past we have visited organizations in the financial, advertising, health care, legal, cultural, technical, entertainment, multimedia, international, retail and publishing industries.

    Who is eligible to participate on Career View visits?

    All undergraduate students are invited to submit a resume and cover letter for each Career View of interest. The selection process is very competitive. The organization may decide to be involved in the selection process and/or set a particular criteria for students considered.

    How can you participate in a Career View?

    Please visit the Events Calendar for a complete list of upcoming Career Services Events
What companies participate in the Career View Program?
Every year new organizations participate in the Career View program. Some recent participants include Macy’s, Sterling Publishing, NBC, Penguin Group, ABC News, Pfizer, Wealth Advisory Group, Bloomberg, Random House, United Nations, JPMorgan Chase, Ernst & Young, New York City Mayor's Office & many more.


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