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Dress for Success Dining Etiquette

Dress For Success &
Dining Etiquette Dinner

The Dress for Success & Dining Etiquette Dinner is a special event that offers students the opportunity to learn how to properly dress, dine, and conduct themselves at a lunch or dinner business meeting.

This program provides students a dinner which prepares students on proper table manners and appropriate dinner etiquette, showcases appropriate dress attire and appearance for various professional settings, and educates students on proper conversational "small talk" with employers.

This event begins with a full course meal and an etiquette program which demonstrates proper table settings, dining techniques and skills, and conversational arts. Students learn how to enhance their existing business etiquette skills at the dining table, perform as an effective guest in dining situations, and make a positive impression understanding the nuances of dining.

For more information about this event or to inquire about being a part of it, please contact Cassie Sklarz at

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