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Networking Series

The Networking Series is comprised of specialized events designed to facilitate and maximize on-campus networking opportunities for Fordham students. This comprehensive series works to develop and strengthen students’ networking expertise as well as provides the venue to employ and sharpen this valuable skill.
Value of Internships & Networking Event
Join us as we partner with the Economics Department and the Economics Society to highlight the value of internships and to provide a unique networking opportunity with employers.

Fashion Panel & Networking Event
Take advantage of our collaboration with Fashion for Philanthropy, as we provide an exciting networking opportunity with employers in the fashion industry.

Government & Non-Profit Networking Event

Benefit from this unique networking opportunity with representatives from several government agencies and diverse employers from the non-profit sector.

Communications & Media Networking Event

Network with employers and learn about the value of internships in the Communications & Media field by attending an informational panel and networking reception.

Additional networking opportunities:

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