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A professional association is a non-profit organization seeking to further a particular profession and the interests of individuals engaged in that profession. Professional Associations are a great way to interact and network with other individuals who are interested in pursuing your field of study.

Joining a Professional Association is also a great opportunity to expand your leadership experience, stay abreast of industry trends and conferences, and enhance your resume by showing your dedication to your personal and professional development.

Start building your connections now!

Bullet American Association of Museums Bullet National Association for Music Education
Bullet College Art Association Bullet American Philological Association
Bullet National Communication Association Bullet American Philosophy Association
Bullet International Communications Association (ICA) Bullet Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion
Bullet Public Relations Society Bullet American Academy of Religion
Bullet American Comparative Literature Association Bullet AIGA The Professional Association for Design
Bullet Academy of American Poets Bullet The Professional Association of Visual Artists
Bullet Modern Language Association Bullet National Museum of Women in the Arts
Bullet Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages Bullet National Women’s Studies Association
Bullet American Music Center

Fordham Clubs
At Fordham, there are over 160 on-campus clubs and organizations. Student clubs are a great way to interact with your peers who share similar academic and professional pursuits.

For a full list of Fordham student organizations, please see LC Student Clubs/ RH Student Clubs
    Humanities Clubs
    Academia Hispania (RH)
    Students Arts Guild (LC)
    Phi Alpha Theta (RH)
    Alpha Mu Gamma
    Mu Alpha Pi (LC)
    Hellenic Society (LC)
    Women in Communications
    Ampersand (RH)
    The Ram (RH)
    The Observer (LC)
    Le Cercle Français (RH)
    La Societe Francaise (LC)
    CIAO (LC)
    Gamma Kappa Alpha (RH)
    Pope Dante Italian Society (RH)
    El Grito de Lares (RH)
    Acapella Club (LC)
    Chamber Singers (LC)
    Dance Alliance (LC)
    Objectivists Club (LC)
    Radius (LC)

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