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Junior Year: Be Prepared

Take action and pursue an internship or explore graduate school options.  Career Services will provide networking opportunities and help you polish your professional skills.

Pursue Internship Opportunities
Attain relevant work experience and explore a career path.  Internships complement your academic experience and enhance your competitiveness for future full time opportunities.
Explore Graduate School Options
Research programs of interest and respective application processes.  Career Services will help you identify unique requirements and tailor your action plan accordingly.

Join Alumni Mentoring Program
Pair with a Fordham Alumni who works in your field of interest.  Participating in the program is an excellent networking opportunity and provides valuable insight into the world of work. 
Refine Resume and Expand Professional Network
Always revise your resume and cover letter as you develop more experience and expand your professional network as you pursue new opportunities.  These materials and professional contacts will be key contributors to your future success.
Junior Year By Semester

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