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Alumni Mentoring

Alumni Mentoring Program

This unique program allows current Fordham students the opportunity to connect with Fordham Alumni Mentor with similar career interests. The alumni come from a wide variety of career paths, and special events are held throughout the year to encourage networking between student and alumni participants.

A growing population of young alumni volunteers has come together with the Offices of Alumni Relations and Career Services to create a unique mentoring opportunity to benefit both students and alumni.

Interested students are paired with young alumni, and the relationships provide students an opportunity to network with alum with similar career interests as themselves; and gain insight and understanding of their field of interest from an insider’s perspective.
The program also provides young alumni with an opportunity to give back to the University and encourage career exploration for students. The young alum come from a wide variety of industries, and the number of alumni participating is ever-growing.

This program may also be beneficial for students who are early on in their career and self exploration and are unsure what field they wish to pursue. Having an alumni mentor who has gone down a similar path of career exploration will undoubtedly enhance their ability to develop personal career goals.

Join the Alumni Mentoring Program
To participate in the 2014 - 2015 mentoring program, Apply Here!

You may also contact Laura Greenbaum with any questions or concerns at

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