Tips for Dealing Effectively with Economic Stress


During tough economic times, people sometimes feel more stressed than usual.
  Below are some helpful tips for managing the stress you may be feeling.

  • Stay committed to what you had already been doing
  • Find ways where you can take control
  • Look to see if there are alternative/additional sources of income
  • Keep an account of what you spend
  • Write down specific ways you can reduce expenses
  • Develop an action plan: Look for solutions with whatever tools you have
  • Do not make sudden big changes in response to bad news; think things through
  • Consider contacting a non-profit consumer counseling service
  • Know that setbacks and the stress that goes with them are inevitable
  • Recognize that setbacks are almost always temporary
  • Find friends who will offer emotional support, and don’t talk about these issues with people who just don’t “get it”
  • Find friends who will share expenses
  • Try to find low-cost or free activities that are fun
  • Look into the possibility of food stamps or other sources of help
  • Use Career Services for resources about finding and landing a job
  • Keep communication going in your family, don’t allow for isolation and alienation
  • Work politically for economic justice
  • Consider talking with a counselor at Counseling and Psychological Services


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